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Summer Time

Lake Baikal is beautiful any time of the year. People come to this remote corner of the world attached first of all by unique nature of the lake Baikal area. Summer is time for hiking, excursions, fishing, riding jeeps along the coast, and swimming. Besides it, one may enjoy the beaches here, and yachting as well.

The water of the lake is clean and transparent saturated with oxygen giving life to its unique fauna – around 58 species of fish. The shores of Baikal Lake are rich in flora – vegetation is represented by more than 2000 species, some of them still remain unknown. The tectonic origin of the lake gives the scientists new challenges to explore the environment and provide the world with new facts and and wild guesses of its biological and geological evolution.

The Baikal seal lives only in the waters of Lake Baikal. Scientists still argue how Baikal seals came to live there in the first place. Supposedly they swam up rivers and streams or possibly Lake Baikal was linked to the ocean at one point as the result of a large body of water, such as the West Siberian Glacial Lake or West Siberian Plain, formed in a previous ice age.

These animals are distributed all over the Lake, but their breeding area is located in the central section of the Baikal (the Ushkany Islands).

Any time of the year team of BelBaikal organize tours to different places of lake Baikal.

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