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Mongolia full immersion!

17 days to explore the deserts, lakes and volcanoes with thermal baths and horse riding.

Mongolia full immersion! It starts from the Gobi, then to the capital of the Mongol Empire between 1235 and 1260 Karakorum, the valley of the Orkhon and its beautiful volcanoes, and finally to the lake Hovsgol. Including the relaxation at the spa, hiking, walking and horseback riding.

Prices per person:

  • 1 Person: 3500 euro
  • 2 People: 2300 euro
  • 3 People: 2100 euro
  • 4-6 People: 1900 euro

If you want to add more days in one place, stop less in another or request a different itinerary or you want a quote for a package including insurance Italian + tour, please contact us at the address

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Mongolia full immersion 17 DAYS! Explore the most beautiful areas of Mongolia in less than three weeks.

It starts from the Gobi desert and then discover Erdene Zuu, built from the rubble of the capital of Genghis Khan, we proceed towards the valley of the Orkhon, and the hot springs of Tsenkher. You will continue with a walk towards the former volcanic area in Khorgo-Terk and the wonderful Tsagaan Nuur to conclude to the famous lake Hovsgol.

The tour begins on the first day with departure from Ulan Bator in the morning and ends on the last day in the late afternoon.

Type of accommodation:

ATTENTION: The tour will include 3-4 days in a Ger, alternated with a day in the field of tourism for access to showers and toilets in the municipality. IF you WANT A DIFFERENT ACCOMMODATION OR IN CAMPS, TOURIST please CONTACT us AT


Average (driving, climbing volcanoes, and trekking and walks).

Map of the tour:

Day 1 / Baga Gazar

The tour will begin with a visit to the site of Baga Gazar, where we will admire the beautiful rock formations and the ancient ruins of a temple. We will continue exploring the area with a hike.

Time and Km planned: 260 km – 4.5 hours

Day 2 / Tsaagan Survaga

After Baga Gazar we head back to Tsaagan Survaga, an incredible canyon resulted from erosion of wind and water that through the centuries has shaped one of the most beautiful places in the Gobi desert.

Time and Km planned: 260 km – 4 hours

Day 3 / Yol Valley

You drive to the Yol valley which is the only place in the world where possible to find a glacier.
You begin with a visit of the local museum where it will be possible to observe the flora and fauna of this area. Then you will have some minutes to visit the flea markets near the museum.
The excursion begins with walking in the valley for about 3 km until you reach the ice canyon. You will visit the area and the shoreline around the mountains and then return to the Ger.

Time and Km planned: 180 km – 3 hours

Day 4 / Dunes Khongor

This day you will drive to Khongor which is famous for its giant sand dunes. You will explore the area on a camel for one hour and then you will go climbing one of the sand dunes to the top. From the top you can see unusual green valley of Gobi.

Time and Km planned: 180 Km – 4.5 hours

Day 5 / Drive to Bayanzag

The Flaming Cliffs site, also known as Bayanzag, is a region of the Gobi Desert in the Ömnögovi Province of Mongolia, in which important fossil finds have been made. The area is most famous for yielding the first discovery of dinosaur eggs.

Time and Km planned: 200 Km – 4/5 hours

Day 6 / The Monastery of Ongi

The last step of the desert we will head towards central Mongolia where you will see completely destroyed during the period of Russian rule ancient monastery of Ongi. At sunset the ruins are most picturesque, and it is said that the ghosts of children and monks appear to tourists.

Time and Km planned: 300 Km – 6/8 hours

Day 7 / Karakhorum

From the monastery of Ongi, we will move to the ancient Mongolian capital, Karakhorum. The first stop you will visit a museum where we will learn the history of the ancient capital, and the monastery of Erdene Zu before Genghis Khan empire fall and later you drive to the monastery of Erdene Zu to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism.

Time and Km planned: 120 Km – 3/4 hour

Day 8 / the Orkhon waterfall

This day is dedicated to the beautiful waterfalls of the valley of Orkhon, we will have the possibility to stay near them and being able to observe the sunset.
It is also possible to see the falls and a short trek down to the nearest river bank to observe them from the top or continue walking around green valley.

Time and Km planned: 120 Km – 3/4 hour

Day 9 / the Monastery of Tuvkun

From the Orkhon waterfalls you continue towards to the monastery of Tuvkhun. This ancient complex is located on the top of the mountain Shiveet and it was built in 1650 for meditation and study. Inside there are many things to see, such as the cave, the footprints carved on the rock, symbols of the independence and ecc.

Time and Km planned: 80 Km – 2/3 hours

Day 10 / the Baths of Tsenkher

After breakfast we go to the baths in Tsenkher. This day is dedicated to rest. You will visit a spectacular camp with the ger where you can also try various types of massages, including Mongolian.
The thermal baths are famous and considered to cure a rheumatism and skin problems and are used by the mongols themselves, for therapeutic purposes.

Time and Km planned: 150 Km – 4.5 hours

Day 11 / National Park Khorgo Terkh and Tsaagan Nuur (White Lake)

After such relaxing day you will go to the national park Khorgo Terkh famous for the countless volcanic activity. Here you will see the canyon of Chuluut and an incredible landscape. You will climb almost up to the top of one of the volcanoes.

Time and Km planned: 220 Km – 4/5 hours

Day 12 / Shin-Ider

The way to Murun and lake Hovsgol, where you could admire the landscape and you will have some stops over the path until you arrive at the accommodation in Shin-Ider. The next day you will go to the lake Hovsgol.

Time and Km planned: 180 Km – 5/6 hours

Day 13-14 / Lake Hovsgol

We continue up to lake Hovsgol, where you will be staying in a beautiful Ger with a view to the lake. This famous lake stretches between Mongolia and Russia for about 100 km and its basins represent 3% of all water present on the earth. At the end of the 90s, it became a national park and has a great variety of plants and animals. An ideal destination for nature lovers. The lake water is so clean and clear you can see the bottom. These two days are dedicated to the relaxation, but it is possible to do some extra excursions as described at the end of the desciption of this tour.

Time and Km planned: 260 Km – 5/6 hours

Day 15 / the Volcano of Uran

After breakfast, you head back to the volcano of Uran which you visit in the late afternoon. On the way we will make two stops, one for lunch and another prior to Murun to visit a local Museum. The volcano of Uran is located inside the natural reserve Uran-Togoo Tulga Uul. It is possible to climb to the top of the volcano of Uran Uul from the western side and hike around.

Time and Km planned: 380 Km – 6/7 hours

Day 16 / the Monastery of Amarbaysgalant

After breakfast, you leave the volcano and go to the monastery of Amarbayasgalant nicknamed “The monastery of the Happiness and Tranquillity”, as well as the third largest monastery in Mongolia. The monastery was sacked in the mid-40’s but later restored thanks for helping some tibetan buddhists. You will walk and explore the area around. In the evening you can take a hike to the hill near the monastery to see the sunset.

Time and Km planned: 300 Km – 5/6 hours

Day 17 / Return to Ulan Bator

From the monastery of Amarbayasgalant we return to Ulan Bator.

– IN ORDER TO HAVE ADDITIONAL PACKAGES. HOTEL, TAXI, VISITS EXTRA IN the CITY please contact us with your requests to

Time and Km planned: 280 Km – 5 to 7 hours

Excursions and Extras (there are very rich itineraries but you can choose extra excursions during your trip): by request.


Horseback riding in the Yol valley : one way: 12 € / Round trip: 25 euro

Horseback riding to lake Hovsgol : 25 euro ( 1 hour ), 40 euro all day.

Ride a horse at least 7 days, you need to be trained and be ready to live in total rural environment, without any comfort) – a supplement of 600 euros per person

Ride on horseback to climb up to the monastery Tuvkun: 12 euro


Dinner on the boat to the village of Khatgal, on the old Russian ship “Sukhbaatar”: 30 euro

Excursion boat at lake Hovsgol: 18 euro (you can visit the other side of the lake from the top by climbing on some rocks, recommended, very impressive!).


Stay overnight in Ger single room: 250 euro per person

Supplement for Vegetarians/Vegans: 150 euro (the fee is due to the fact that in Mongolians eat only meat. In addition fruits and vegetables are quite expensive and are not always of good quality. We will prepare for you only vegetarian/vegan dishes during your trip.

Extra day in Ulan Bator with an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel and taxi to the airport the following day: 120 euro per person. Guesthouse in the private room and shared bathroom and taxi: 60 euros per person.

What is included and what is not:

What’s included: Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (except last dinner in the capital city), transport in jeep/off-road (depending on road conditions), bottled mineral water, the cost of entry in parks/facilities/museums, guide (language depends on the request) and Mongolian guide/driver.

What is not included: personal expenses, travel insurance, air ticket, train ticket.

*** We can take care of visas, travel insurance, reservations of the trains, for more information contact us at the following address:

Mongolia is one of the highest countries in the world with an average elevation of 1,580 m.
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