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Cruising tours

Boating season on lake Baikal begins with the breakup of ice in the end of May and lasts through September. Cruises in November and December are also available until the lake is freezing in January, though the weather is very stormy.

Everything is mysterious at Baikal – a rock, a tree, a bird and even Baikal water itself. From the surface to the very bottom Baikal water is saturated with the oxygen, imparting to it the amazing color and energy. And the transparence to the very bottom. The air if Baikal area is also exceptionally transparent. Every minute Baikal water changes its color – from pale-blue to the amazing navy-blue.

Fresh air. Incredible landscapes. Secluded coves. Hot springs. Unique protected archipelago. North of the lake. The famous island of Olkhon. Trips and excursions. Bright impressions and emotions. Siberian and Buryat cuisine. The rock carvings. Siberian bath. Trips to museums. The sandy beaches. Swimming in the lake.

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*** All the programs can be changed in accordance with your desire.

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